​isabel duffy

Her commitment for excellence in creativity and communications has reached not only the design and advertising industry but everything in her life in need for solutions.

Many years spent as a designer, art director, team player, mother and wife at many multinational and local ad agencies, and at home, with her family and her daughter’s school; has giving her the chance to practice creativity, to teach and learn, to guide, organize and implement. Keeping herself up to speed and trends of everyday challenges.


• Creative professional with ample expertise on brand, advertising and strategic visual communications.

• Passionate for solving communication challenges in an innovative, engaging, insightful and functional way.

• A mentor and a continuous learner.
• Enthusiastic spirit reflected in her dynamic presentation skills.
• A team player, that enjoys strong partnership with coworkers.
• Award-winning brand and campaign creator (ANDA, ACE Awards)
• Her computer is the greatest tool, her brain is where ideas come from.
• Applies creativity and design on different media and in life.
• Keeps her body and mind active.

• Speaks English, Spanish, Italian. 

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